Privacy Policy

Life Navigation Ltd is committed to the strictest privacy and confidentiality for all its clients and the sensitive nature of therapy and counselling deserves this respect. As such, the modus operandi of the business is designed to use data and computers as little as possible to avoid any possible data mishaps or malevolent hacking by anyone.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO) has confirmed that Life Navigation Ltd is therefore exempt from registering for the following reasons:

All emails from clients or prospective clients are printed (if necessary) and deleted from the email account of Life Navigation Ltd. and/or Bruce Heasman.

No contact details, including email addresses, are kept on computer.

No computerised diary system is used.

Each client is asked to complete a consent form which is kept on file. No information from this form or any subsequent information gathered is stored on computer.

All information gathered at sessions will be handwritten and kept on file and all files are safely locked in a metal filing cabinet at the premises of Hewlands Cottage.

All names and addresses with contact details are kept within a handwritten card index system.

Invoicing is likewise handled off-line together with all bookkeeping.

The ICO has agreed to the exemption of Life Navigation Ltd as the above demonstrates full compliance with UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).